What is VIP Consigning?

  • Standard Consignor makes a 65% commission on their sales. As a VIP Consignor, you would make 35% of your sales. You will be charged a $10.00 VIP Consignor fee (taken out of your Consignor check – you don’t pay it up front).

  • If you want to Consign your nice items, but don't have time for consigning process, our VIP Program is your solution!

  • A VIP Processor will gather, prep, tag, enter, and deliver your items to our upcoming event! You'll still earn a Private Pre-Sale Pass.

  • Your items will be priced at 25-35% of retail.

How Do I Become a VIP Consignor?

To apply to be a VIP Consignor, please fill out this form:
VIP Sign Up Here!

How do I receive my check?

The Consignor check will be available one day after the sale ends.

How much will I make?

VIP Consignors make 35% of their sales!

What Do I Do About Items That Don't Sell?

You can choose to either pick up or donate your unsold items. If you choose to pick up the unsold items, you can pick them up during the designated time. If you choose to donate your items, you will be helping foster families and other local charities!